How to use the Matching Cards plugin

This is your tool for creating a game. Similar to the iconic Memory you'll put pairs together. Combine images, text and audio files!

An example

Try and find the images and sounds matching each other.

There are more games to be found in the OMA collection Lernspiele für Musik (educational games for music). You don't need to know German for most of them.

How to do it

This is what the plugin looks like in edit mode:

These are your input options:

Size: Go for either 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 cards.

Width: Define the width of the plugin within the display.

Card pairs: Click on the numbers in order to work on each pair. Below you'll have options for Card A and Card B of each pair.

Text: If you want a card to show text, this is where you insert it. Use Markdown for highlighting, for example for bold or italic words. You'll find a quick help on Markdown at the bottom right of the input field: it's the small M↓ symbol.

Media URL: Via select you can pick a file from the OMA media center: an image, an audio or video that you want to show on a card.

Playback range: If you use an audio or video, you can dictate what part of it will be played back once a card is put in action.

Tipps for working with media

If you're unsure how to find an image, how to define the playback range of an audio file or whatever difficulty you're experiencing, please hop over to our help pages: